Thursday, September 3, 2009

One Size Diapers and the size of Your Baby

I often get asked, "which one size diaper is the best?"
My answer usually depends on their baby. Most cloth diapers fit each baby just a little differently. One size cloth diapers are no different.

So how do you decide? Here are a list of the one size diapers that I carry and how they fit skinny babies, average size babies and large babies/toddlers. These are my opinions (as opposed to the manufacturers) based on my experience with my own kids and the many children I have helped to put in cloth diapers over the past 4 years.

bumGenius One Size Diapers (both pocket and AIO): Tend to fit skinny babies and average size babies well. Tend not to fit larger babies and toddlers well. I find they stop fitting well around 30lbs. Start fitting well around 8-9 lbs. One of the most popular one size diapers out there. They fit trimly and are very easy to get on and off.

Happy Heinys One Size Cloth Diapers (both aplix and snaps): These fit the entire range really well. They start fitting well around 8-9lbs, but certainly fit babies and toddlers at the upper end of the weight range (35 lbs) and I've seen toddlers even a little bigger fit well into the Happy Heinys One Size diapers. If you have a very large baby or toddler, I suggest either going with the Happy Heinys or Knickernappies One Size.

Knickernappies One Size Diapers: These are another style of one size diaper that fits the whole range well. The major bonus with Knickernappies one size diapers are that they actually do fit up to 40lbs. By far, the longest fitting one size diaper.

Rocky Mountain One Size Diaper: These fit well on the smaller end of the range. Unlike other one size diaper though, these fit 7lbs very well. I find the Rocky Mountain One Size Diapers to fit very well on newborns (after the umbilical cord falls off).

Wahmies One Size Diapers: These tend to fit very true to their statement of starting to fit around 7lbs and up to close to 40lbs. As a bonus, they come in both the hook and loop closure and snaps.

Gro Baby One Size Diapers: Gro Baby diapers definitely fit the smaller range better. I find them to be just a little bulky on newborns, but still fit well. However, they don't fit the larger babies well. They seem to stop fitting well around the upper 20-lb range or 30lbs depending on the baby's build.

Mommy's Touch One Size Diapers: These fit best starting around 8-9lbs and fit well up to around 32 lbs.

Growing Greens One Size Fitted: These fit great on the medium and large settings with room to grow. Using only the smaller insert, I have had some blowouts, but they do ok.

Do you have any one size diaper tips that you would like share? Just post your response or email it to me at info (at)

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