Thursday, August 27, 2009

SALE ends monday!

Remember that the buy 6, get 1 free bumGenius one size diaper sale ends on monday. We are getting more stock in tomorrow, so will have plenty. Remember to order yours while this sale lasts! If you know bumGenius at all, you know they rarely, if ever actually go on sale.


roadrunner201 said...

My dear friend uses a onesize that are called Shinies. They have a little zipper instead of snaps for the sizing. I can't seem to find much info about them, but she likes them a lot. I am happy with my BumGenius, except that frappin velcro. I read somewhere where a lady took a snap press to hers so now they snap. I am about ready to give that a shot.

Sultana said...

I haven't heard of Shinies. I will check them out. As for the velcro, I'm sorry that they are starting to not work as well. If they are less than 1 year old, you can exchange them with the manufacturer. If you would like to do that, let me know and I can give you the link along with a copy of your receipt.