Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cloth Diapers for Overnight?

I know you may be thinking to yourself, “cloth diapers are ok for the daytime, but could never hold up overnight.” However, I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy cloth diapering at night can be! The key to cloth diapering successfully through the night is all about absorbency. In general, AIO’s (All-In-One’s) are not going to get babies or toddlers through the night unless your child is not peeing much during the night. The type of material you are stuffing your diaper with will make all the difference. When considering what to use as an insert, keep in mind that hemp is far more absorbent than microfiber. In fact, I have not met any babies or toddlers who can make it through the night with only 1 microfiber insert. A combination of the 2 materials is great as you will see below.

Check out a few of the great options for cloth diapering through the night.

1. Lollidoo Overnight Eco Pocket – this is my personal favorite overnight solution. Lollidoos are not only perfect for overnight, but the single most environmentally friendly diaper out there. They are made from recycled beverage bottles and most everything on them is recycled including the metal used in the snaps. Even better, each Lollidoo diaper is made by WAHM’s in the U.S. (eastern Washington, specifically). You have the choice of a stay dry layer next to the baby or an organic cotton layer next to the baby. This is a pocket diaper and you have the option of choosing to purchase a Lollidoo Eco Pocket with innies (their inserts) or purchase one of your own. I personally use an overnight Lollidoo Eco Pocket Diaper with a super-do insert on my super heavy wetter for 13 hours at night. We’ve never had a leak! Plus, Lollidoo Eco Pockets are a one size diaper!

2. Since the key to cloth diapering overnight is the absorbency, you can stuff any of your pocket diapers with a super-do insert. Super-do inserts are the #1 rated insert on Diaper Pin and amazing for absorbency. They have 6 layers of hemp terry covered with 2 layers of microfiber. The microfiber does a great job of absorbing liquid quickly and the hemp holds it for long periods of time. Super-do’s will fit in most pocket diapers.

3. If you are still having leaks with a super-do in a regular pocket diaper, try putting a diaper cover over the super-do stuffed pocket diaper. That will give you just enough of a boost in coverage to keep the diaper from getting clothes and sheets wet. You could also put a hemp stuffin underneath the super-do in the diaper for an extra boost of absorbency.

4. Do you have a ton of hemp or thick cotton prefolds left over from a previous diapering time? Try using your prefold in your pocket diaper! Need more absorbency than the one prefold? You can wrap a hemp stuffin in your prefold and use that as your pocket diaper insert.
As you can see, there are many great cloth diapering options for overnight. The level of absorbency you will need will depend on how heavy of a wetter your child is at night. Have questions? Please ask!