Sunday, November 1, 2009

FLIP and Econobum arriving thursday 11/5

From the makers of bumGenius, come FLIP and Econobum!

The FLIP cloth diapering system is an AI2 diapering system that allows you to simply change the insert with each diaper change rather than the whole diaper. The main difference between FLIP and other AI2 cloth diapering systems is that you never need touch the insert again. Just "FLIP" it over into the diaper pail and put a new one in. No snaps to undo, no need to touch the dirty insert again! Plus, this is a ONE SIZE SYSTEM.

Econobum is simply the most affordable diapering system out there. This is a one size prefold with a one size diaper cover. Simple, effective and closes with snaps!
We will finally be receiving our shipments of both FLIP and Econobum on thursday Nov. 5th. You can order now to ensure that you will receive your FLIP and Econobum before they sell out!

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