Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cloth Diapering with caretakers

One of our wonderful customers has a great system going for caretakers. Do you have a special system you have going with your cloth diapers? If so, just respond to this post and let me know! Below is Emily's experience:

I use the BumGenius all in ones and the BumGenius one size fits all. I was so excited when my little girl's preschool agreed to let her wear the all in ones at school. It was easy to convince them though, because it goes on just like a pampers and there are no difficult steps to tell them about. I just have them put the diaper in the wet bag that I bought from and I take care of it later - works great! At night I use the BumGenius One Size because I like to be able to put extra stuffing in. I knew that different people would be putting her down for sleep since I am a working mom - so I color coded my daytime and nighttime needs. The untrained eye sometimes has difficulty telling the BumGenius all in ones from the BumGenius One Size, so I ordered all my one size in pink. Then I double stuff all my BumGenius One Size and I call them " nighttime diapers." That way whoever is putting my little girl down can be told to use pink diapers at night and other colors during the day. It has worked GREAT! I am expecting my second - a little boy - he was due yesterday! I am doing the same thing with his, except I am using Clementine for my nighttime color and Moonbeam, Ribbit, and White for daytime use. The other benefit of ordering some all in ones and some BumGenius One Size is that when the baby is really little you can use the one size and then when they get bigger you can use the BumGenius all in ones. We have had a great experience with the BumGenius and our "system" has worked really well!
Emily Cowan

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