Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cloth Diapers slandered?

Apparently, cloth diapers are getting a little too popular for the makers of disposable diapers.

There is a bribed blogger initiative designed to promote disposable diapers through mommy bloggers coming directly from the disposable diaper companies. You can find a little of this in the Wall Street Journal in an article called "Big Diaper Makers Square Off" published on April 13, 2009. According to the article, the disposable diaper makers are concerned about new mom's wanting a less expensive alternative during this cash strapped time.
"Kimberly-Clark plans to ship free samples of its new diapers to about 500"mommy bloggers," hoping to build buzz among mothers who write aboutchild-rearing and their readers. Likewise, P&G is hosting about a dozenmommy bloggers at its Cincinnati headquarters next week to show how Pampersdiapers are developed."

To counter this campaign, please blog and twitter, etc. about this. More people need to know!
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Have a good Memorial Day weekend!

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