Monday, November 3, 2008

Moby Wraps are at Simple Wonders!

I'm so excited that we have expanded into the world of baby carriers! I decided to start out with the most adjustable of all the baby carriers - the moby wrap. I love this carrier because it can be worn on the front, side or back and adjusts to EVERY size of person. It will fit whether you are a size 0 (I can't believe that is a size!) or a size 30. It will fit every shape of body as well because it is a large wrap that does not have buckles, rings or any other form that limits adjustments. One of my favorite aspects of the moby wrap is that you can easily have lots of skin-to-skin contact because the moby wrap has enough material to snugly wrap your newborn right up next to you but not reveal much of your torso in the process. What could be better than that during those first few weeks postpartum? I also love that Moby has the "mini moby wrap" for kids. My 3-year old daughter was beyond thrilled when I gave her one to carry her babies in. Every single time we go for a walk now, she needs to carry her baby in the same position that I am carrying her little brother. It is really too cute!

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